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The MML Chaudhary Charitable and Educational Trust’s commitment to education in Vadodara began way back in 1990, with the establishment of the St. Kabir School, Vadodara (GSEB). Since its inception in 1990, St. Kabir (GSEB) has grown into a huge umbrella of education, under which over 1800 students – garner learning skills and content, know about the world, engage in edutainment activities, have fun… as well as build crucial life skills and a strong character.A new school under the Trust – the St. Kabir Indian International School, was established in 2011. The school is an independent, English-medium, co-educational school, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation Code : 430365, School Code : 13333). The school is gradually expanding and growing into a full-fledged CBSE school (proposed till 12 – Science, Commerce, Arts streams), with Kabirites ready to set forth into the global arena for higher learning and career building.
Across all our units, we aim to provide a caring, happy, stimulating and inspiring environment in which all children feel safe and secure; where children are encouraged and motivated to work to the best of their ability to achieve the highest standards. We aim to do this by keeping our programmes child-centric, in a facilitator mode of learning, holistic and open to individualised development of the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, societal and spiritual domains.
Vadodara is a booming city in India and people from all over India migrate to this cultural capital of Gujarat. The city is an educational hub.
However, It is believed that the education available in the current schools in Vadodara city, colleges and universities is a ‘job-oriented education’. This does not develop a high state of awareness and a sense to live life to the full potential. Present education is neither life-oriented nor enlightenment-oriented. It does not teach the students to spontaneously think and act according to the laws of nature.
The highest education goal of every nation is to create ideal citizens capable of fulfilling their goals while upholding the interests of others and the progress of the society. For this goal to become a reality, education must be imparted ethically.
St. Kabir Indian International School, listed among the top 10 CBSE schools in Vadodara is an abode where the children can enjoy the facets of life and the rhythm of living.
Through our activities, we aim at inspiring our children to develop constructive thinking to build a good personality. The sincerity and dedication of the staff, the unquestioned obedience of the pupils and the school administration’s guidance helps us to live the mission-vision-goals of the school thereby emerging as one of the best English Medium schools in Baroda(Vadodara).
St. Kabir Indian International School has excellent infrastructural facilities with well-equipped and well-maintained math and science laboratories.
Our School’s sports culture makes it one of the top CBSE schools in Vadodara. We give high importance to physical education to enhance and nourish the multi-benefits of sports like a healthy body, sound mind, emotional stability, mental agility, and social and moral values, including integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, team spirit and a winning attitude.
St. Kabir Indian International School also aims to build a pool of sporting talents and provides specialized coaching by well-qualified coaches for indoor and outdoor games.
Students who dream of blossoming holistically; who would like to develop their potential, gain the support of the natural law and be the guiding light of their nation, St. Kabir Indian International is the School for them. Our AIM is to make independent, caring, aware and successful Kabirites.

The St. Kabir School Campus IIS

  • Classrooms


    The seating arrangement provided by the school is twosome with good quality and child-safety-cum-comfort…
  • Computer Labs

    Computer Labs

    The air conditioned Computer Lab is a state of the art compact lab with 36 stand alone thin clients…
  • Math & Science Labs

    Math & Science Labs

    the Math & Science lab is equipped with DIY Butterfly kits for experiential learning which can be used…
  • Library


    The school provides an extensive annually updated and enriched library has over 5000 books covering…
  • Play Ground

    Play Ground

    Outdoor games are conducted in the wide open ground. The school provides for all the necessary play…
  • Sandpit


    The school provides a very large, well equipped sand pit area with good quality play equipment along with…
  • Performing Arts


    DANCE uses movements to communicate meaning about the human experience. It is far more…
  • Music


    Vocal music is initiated with the sargam or 7 notes of music (sa-re-ga-ma-pa-dha-ni-sa)…
  • Art & Craft

    Art & Craft

    St. Kabir has a unique ART room where creativity of students is nurtured with necessary equip…
  • Staff Room

    Staff Room

    The school provides an air-conditioned staff room equipped with computers connected with the…

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