Yoga Day Celebration 2018

The gadget dominated world, offers the children tremendous stress and mental loneliness which adversely affects their physical well being.

Simple postures and yoga exercises help to regain child’s health n happiness. Yoga has gained prominence throughout the world and to recognise its importance World Yoga day is celebrated on 21st June.

The day was celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm by every Kabirite.

The teeny tiny Gr 1 and 2 took the lead and performed simple asanas with complete devotion and concentration. Though one or two were seen shying away but rest all turned and twisted their bodies promptly as per the instructions from the teachers.Gr 3, 4 too had the intense sessions.The sessions were conducted by the one of our parent M/O of YutikaMistry who is yoga instructor to teacher few child friendly yoga asanas. She started with warm-up exercises and taught them some asanas. She not only taught the asanas to the students but also explained the benefits of doing particular asana (e.g: Tadasana to increase height, Vrikshasana to increase stamina, concentration and immunity).

Gr 5,6,7,8 and 9 expressed their desire to perform in the open grounds .Their desire was fulfilled immediately and they performed yoga in pure organic state with cool breeze, sun shining and the feet touching mother earth! Blessed are the days when one gets to enjoy the treasures offered by Nature.

Children enjoyed learning yoga and promised to practice it on regular bases. We also celebrated international Music Day, which fell on the same day. The combination of yoga with soothing music enlightens the mood and fills the ones day with energy.

Over all the yoga day celebration really helped in sending the message across …….Yoga means union…..the union of mind, body and soul.