To maintain the necessary delicate balance of work, play, unique spirit, creative insight and much more in every class, every day, we ensure that our teachers get frequent recharge pills in the form of training workshops and fun-filled session throughout the year! The training programmes (in house as well as out of town full day workshops in cities around Vadodara & Mumbai), include – curriculum & planning, leadership and management, self improvement, language enhancement, teaching aids and creativity skills, ICT, new trends and global perspectives, Counselling, Life skills, Health & Wellness, inter alia.

For energizers, the teachers engage in sports, yoga, picnics, movies, artworks, theatre and zumba classes.

Some of the recently held sessions include

  • Building a School Culture by Mrs R Tandon
  • Mindfulness and Heartfulness sessions conducted by Mr Bimal Mehta and Col Kaistha
  • Krishnamurti Sessions by Ms. Sadhana Chhabra
  • Language Enhancement Session by Dr. Amita Shah & Ms Ishita Verma
  • Personality and Etiquette sessions by Ms Lily Modi
  • Drama and Literary Works – by Rachit Shah, Vidhi Pandit, Kimberly McArthur
  • Staff Health Programmes – by Dr Meeta Saxena, Dr Roopal Panchani
  • Non-violent Communication – Dr Penny Vine (USA)

In addition, since its inception in 2011, the STK IIS staff have kept themselves updated with good practices and educational trends at the local and national level. For this, each year a team of teachers makes School visits of 1-2 days to visit, meet and exchange ideas on schooling and systems with the staff of other reputed schools.

Gender Sensitivity Workshop

June 30, 2018
With growing concern over the lack of gender sensitisation among the youth, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), had organised a one day ‘Capacity Building Program’ on gender sensitivity for teachers to enable them to ensure unbiased participation of both boys and girls in the learning process. The program aimed at equipping the teachers …
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