School Board

Mrs Radhika TandonMrs Radhika Tandon
Founder Director

School Management Committee

Mr Swapan MukherjeeMr Swapan Mukherjee
Honorary Secretary

St Kabir Indian International School, Vadodara.

Manjari MathurMs Manjari Mathur
Teacher of the School

Coordinator (Grades 6-9),
St Kabir Indian International School, Vadodara.

Supriya TrivediMs Supriya Trivedi
Teacher of the School

Coordinator (Grades 1-5),
St Kabir Indian International School, Vadodara.

Urmi ShastriMs Urmi Shastri
Parent of the School (Grade 6)

Freelance Consultant
BTech – Civil Eng, MTech- Enviro Eng, PDIS

Parvez MisarwalaMr Parvez Misarwala
Parent of the School (Grade 9)

DevOps Architect, IT Consultant & Trainer

Sadhana ChhabraMrs Sadhana Chhabra

Education Advisor + Member,
Krishnamurthi Study Centre Vadodara.

Ishita S. VermaMrs Ishita S. Verma

Director Creativity & Innovative Practices,
St. Kabir Fraternity of Schools, Vadodara.

Priyadarshini KelkarMrs Priyadarshini Kelkar
Member from the Community

New Era Senior Secondary School, Nizampura, Vadodara.

Karanam PushpanadhamMr Karanam Pushpanadham
Member from the Community

Faculty of Education & Psychology, M S University of Baroda, Vadodara.

Swati KhotMs Swati Khot
Member from the Community

St. Kabir School (GSHSEB), Vadodara.

Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is a non-profit, non–political and non–sectarian organization constituted with appointed members of the school – parents, teachers and other school staff, which works to support the school in a wide variety of ways. The function of the PTA is not only to help and support the school in the development of students but also to provide help/support in the improvement and development of the school infrastructure, deliverables, facilities, and events held by the school.

The Parents- Teacher’s Association’s Managing Committee would be as under

  • ChairmanHead of the school
  • Vice ChairmanOne from parents
  • SecretaryOne from teachers (pref. one Coordinator)
  • Joint Secretary (2)One from parents and one from teachers
  • MembersOne Coordinator + (1 parent from every grade in the school.)

Guided by the above team, the day to day operations of the school are handled by a team of highly trained and qualified staff, who engage children in a variety of academic and co-curricular activities related to building life skills, learning for life and imbibing knowledge based on a broad global curriculum.