TCS is an national level competition organized by Tata Consultant Service .In this our school St. Kabir Indian International School also participated. It was organized on 10.8.2018 Friday at Ahmedabad and was hosted by pick brain. It was held at pandit dindayal upadayay auditorium. Each team had 2 participants. There were around 540 teams and 1080 participants having amazing confidence and zeal.

The first round was prilims and in that out of 540 teams only 6 could qualify.

The rules and rounds were explained by Pickbrain– 5 rounds in a ‘gameified’ format, to be cracked in 40 minutes (like a regular school subject period!), with ALL the questions on the buzzer – in order to be fair to all teams! We welcomed this news with joy! The rounds were :  

  • Mass Personalization ( to celebrate 50 years of TCS)
  • Leveraging ECO systems
  • Storyboard
  • Creating Exponential Values
  • Embracing Risks

Pickbrain clarified that he wasn’t looking only for the final cumulative answer but the rationale behind the thinking – how we applied the information hinted by the clues, made the connections and how we used lateral thinking to derive the final answer.

TCS has indeed empowered the youth in a manner that they would enjoy – providing the platform for IGNITING MINDS which has been one man’s vision and a nation’s mission! To educate, engage, and empower the youngsters who will be our future citizens.