Student Council Body 2017-18

Head Boy and Head Girl 2017-18

(L) Head Girl- Ruchika Jaiswal (R) Head Boy – Sahil Shaikh

Cultural Captain

(L) – Cultural Captain (G) – Sharanya Dey (R) Cultural Captain (B) – Nirlep Patel

Sports Captain 2017-18

(From L) Sports Captain(B) Paras Jogi, Sports Captain(G) Molly bhojak, Jr. Sports Captain(G) Sulagna Banerjee, Jr. Sports Captain(B) Aaditya Sharma.

Nelson House

Nelson House – (From L) Prefect (G) – Saloni Gupta, House Captain (G) – Riddhi Amin, House Captain(B) – Aaditya Patel, Prefect (B) – Mayank Solanki.

Newton House

Newton House – (From L) Prefect (B) – Anshul Mehta, House Captain(B) – Herry Patel, House Captain(G) – Khushi Chandak, Prefect (G) – Aashwi Pandya.

Nehru House

Nehru House – (From L) Prefect (B) – Utsav Makadia, House Captain(B) – Yamin Khan, House Captain(G) – Kali Jain, Prefect (G) – Misty Patel.

Naidu House

Naidu House – (From L) Prefect (B) – Parth Pandya, House Captain(B) – Ayan Khan, House Captain(G) – Pooja Shah, Prefect (G) – Soha Patel.

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