Pratishtha Ceremony

The Pratishtha Awards ceremony is an annual programme in which the school felicitates students who have shown consistency, determination and the commitment to excel, leading them to make a mark in the previous academic year. These awards cover 3 specific areas across each grade level – viz. Scholastic, Co-scholastic and Remarkable progress.

Scholastic - the highest score in assessments, projects and internals. (1st-2nd-3rd prize)

Co-scholastic - the highest score in inter house competitions, discipline, work habits, uniform. (1st-2nd-3rd prize)

Remarkable Progress - Students who have shown remarkable progress in academics by improving and jumping ahead by at least 2 grade levels. (in the range of A1 to E). Usually 2-3 well-deserving acknowledgements per grade).

These awards are presented by the parents of other awardees attending the function. The icing on the cake (1 for each grade level), is the Best Student Award for the Year, which is customarily awarded & blessed by the Founder Director.

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture ceremony is held along with the Prartishtha Awards ceremony, as the latter part of the programme. It is the formal swearing in ceremony of the newly appointed student council body that was elected in July for the ongoing academic session. The ceremony includes - donning on badges and sashes on the council members, customarily performed by the heads of the various St Kabir Fraternity institutions. This is followed by the newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl leading the council members in oath taking. After the oath the Best House Trophy for the previous academic year is announced. The best house trophy goes to the house that has earned the maximum number of points in inter house competitions held through out the year (but not inclusive of sports achievements).

Investiture Ceremony 2017-18

Investiture Ceremony 2017-18

Investiture Ceremony 2017-18