Dance Room

The school provides a dance room in a wide open space with wall sized mirrors to allow children to see the body spoture and choreographic position as they rehearse and learn dance steps.

The school provides internet based TV and sound system in the dance room– the dance room allows teachers and students to access ready made music tracks and dance forms of the classical contemporary of modern genres.

The school provides Posters and pictures of mudras, steps and famous personalities create the perfect aura and ambience to learn dance with detailing.

The school provides Accessories like ghungroos and accessories for folk dances allow students to get the real feel of a dance form.

Vocal Music Room

The school provides the vocal music room with Casio and Harmonium – used as accompaniment for the school choir and regular song session across all grades.

The school provides 2 in 1 stereo system for songs that can be played from the radio or CD or DVD.

The school provides greenboard is used for lyrics and notations for vocal music. Display boards are used for complementary information.

The school provides Email based support for practicing – MS Word files of lyrics and audio files are sent vide email for home practice.

Instrumental Music Room

a. The school provides an instrumental music room is equipped with many pieces of the following – Guitars, Keyboards, Jal Tarang, Tablas, Dholaks, Drum Set, Duff, Congo, Bongo, Side Instruments like Tambourine, Cymbals, Shakers and Triangles