Nukkad Natak Gr5(2017)

Hindi Vigyapan Competition

Street plays have been an integral part of Indian tradition. The idea of a street play is to propagate social and political messages in a humorous and sarcastic way and create awareness among the masses. A street play or “Nukkad Natak”, is characterized by highly enthusiastic and energetic performance so as to attract maximum crowd.” Students of Grade-5 came together for the Nukkad Natak, organized in their respective classes. They enacted a play on ” Swachchta, Anushasan, Paise ka Duruupyog and Shiksha Jan Jan ka Adhikar”. The class teachers and the judges encouraged all the participants of this event .The teams highlighted before the audiences the importance of their respective topics. Students of the group received a huge round of applause from the crowd for a good performance delivered.