NCSC 2018 (District Level)

National Children’s Science Congress 2018 was organized on October 12,2018 at Community Science Centre. Students of grades 7, 8 and 9 participated in the same. The team from IIS had four group and each group had two members. Each group presented their research based project by using four charts. Each group had one group leader and one member. The group leader had to speak in front of the judges using four charts and they were supposed to answer to their queries. The judges were highly impressed by our teacher’s friendly duster and they asked few questions on it. They even asked the students to erase the board using their duster. The judges gave few suggestions to the participants like: Use of solar cell and button cell for the devices,

Result of the competition: Out of total 10 projects our school’s two projects were selected from Vadodara district and the next level of competition will be held on 29/30 October at Ahmadabad.

The projects that are selected are:

1. Teacher’s friendly duster made by Aastha Choksi and Remanika Tandon

2. Hygienic Mower of masses made by Sulagna Banerjee and Vidhi Ojha.