My point of view (Gr 5-6)

After a selection round, 2 students per house per section at each grade level were selected as finalists. Topics (Gr5: The day my mother went on strike Gr 6: Who serves the country best –a soldier, teacher, doctor, scientist or politician? ) were communicated to the finalists five days prior. The competition was held at auditorium, St Kabir IIS, Chapad. were evaluated on the basis of content, fluency, language, pronunciation, expression. With an open invitation to the parents of Gr 5-6 students, a few parents graced the occasion.

Results Gr 5:

Ruju Nande Nelson House 1st position

Rutu Nande Naidu House 2nd Position

Veda Vachhani Newton House 3rd Position

Results Gr 6:

Kalishta Joshi Naidu house 1st position

Atharva Shastri Newton House 2nd position

Juhi Patel Newton House 3rd position