Math Science Quiz(Gr 1-2)

An Inter-house Math- Science Quiz was held on 17th January, for the students of grades 1 and 2, with Ms. Priya ma’am as the judge. The PPT consisted of several rounds namely Visual round, MCQ round, Buzzer round, Activity round and Rapid Fire round. The objective of which is to set the students mind’s on fire so as to develop reading habit and self learning and to promote group harmony. Result of the competition is mentioned below:

1st Position: Nehru House
Veer m. Patel 1A
Kanika S. Maheshwari 1A
Jessica V. Patel 2A
Spandan V Chaudhari 2A
Runner up Position: Newton House
Abhirajsinh R. Devkar 1B
Kahan T. Patel 1B
Aashi G Sheth 2A
Manan Y. Sharma 2C