Kabir Jayanti Celebration 2018

On the beautiful morning of 28th June, 2018 the students of St. Kabir IIS were in full swing to celebrate the birth anniversary of one of the most mystical saint and a great poet, one whose noble teaching are still relevant in today’s world, The revered Sant Kabirji…

This day has always been very important in our school celebration calendersince the school philosophy is in sync with the teachings of Kabirji and the fact that the school feels proud in having its name after this pious soul. Hence this is auspicious day was celebrated through a series of activities across grades.

With the chanting of dohas in the background,the tiny tots of grades 1 & 2 made book marks with Warli figures of Kabirji and the children of grades 3 &4 made eco friendly paper bags with Kabir Doha tags.

Our grade 5 &6 were not lacking with any enthusiasm at the other end of school while making Folders with Kabirji’s Portrait anda Thank-you Note to St. Kabirji for hisvaluable Dohas’.

When the juniors were busy putting their talents to craft, the students of grade 7 preferred to show their respect towards Kabirji through ‘Kabir kiAdalat’ where in they had Kabirji come as judge to help sort out the current social and personal problems through his teachings..

The grade 8 children were no less in bringing Sant Kabirji live when they connected a few social problems prevalent in the society which can still be sorted through his teachings… there by justifying the theme.. ‘HamareKabirjiKal, AajaurKalBhi. Last but not the least the students of grade 9 connected the teaching of Kabirji through his dohas with the current economic scenario of our country.. It all seemed so simple when such young minds explained that if we all follow Kabirji’s teaching, there would not be any income disparity in our country and hence everyone will be equal and happy.

All the activities did commonly bring about the relevance of Kabirji’s noble teachings in today’s world.