Quality and efficiency comes from giving one’s best and being responsible and accountable for all the tasks. Additionally, developing team dynamics, delegation, democratic processes and event management – go a long way in holding them in good stead when they enter life as adults.

While group tasks and activities happen on a daily basis in the classroom scenario, the students are assigned to houses, each representing a specific value and set of attributes at its core. The students have inter-house competitions, house-wise duty allocations and of course face competition at the Annual Sports meet.

The school has 4 houses (Green, Blue, Yellow and Red), named after a mix of inspiring Indian & International personalities that have made a mark in the development of world peace, freedom, development and technological advancement.

Nelson Mandela

(Inspired by Nelson Mandela – South Africa)

Jawarharlal Nehru

(Inspired by Jawarharlal Nehru – India)

Isaac Newton

(Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton – United Kingdom)

Sarojini Naidu

(Inspired by Sarojini Naidu – India)