The St Kabir Health Wellness Centre addresses students’ emotional, physical, academic & mental health, prevention and remediation. The Centre is committed to working with and empowering students, their parents and educators to understand the needs and individual learning styles of children. These are done through regular enrichment programmes from Professionals and Univ. Departmental experts – Dr. Priyanka Bherani (MSU Psychology dept), Ms Lata Iyer (Autism and LD expert), Dr Heena Gala (audiologist) The Centre provides an inspiring, non-judgemental, workable formula for developing conceptual clarity, closeness, trust, dignity, and respect, creating self-discipline, responsibility and perseverance in children.

The school provides for the Annual Physical Health Check-up with a reputed Clinic – for general fitness, teeth, eyes, ears, skin, BMI, and twice a year – weight and height records.

The school also provides immediate first aid in case of injuries or accidents, within the school, when outdoors and on field/outbound trips and picnics. A regular supply of day to day minor ailments are also attended to with a prescribed stock of medical supplies.

A trained nurse will be joining the staff from June 2017.