Gr 3 Field Trip to Science Community Centre

A field trip is a visit to an area outside of the normal classroom where children can try new things, have different experiences, and learn valuable life lessons.The purpose of the field trip is usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities, such as going camping with teachers and their classmates.
Grade 3 went for a field trip to SCIENCE COMMUNITY CENTRE ON 6 – 03 – 18.They were very enthusiastic and showed lot of interest in demonstrating the experiments.

They have learnt-
___ Different experiments related to properties of air.
___ Visited the halls on first floor in which models of respiratory and digestive system were shown.
___ Skeleton was shown to explain different parts of the body.
___ Censor for light bulb and different types of lights were shown.
___ Different models of experiments like periscope , multiple reflection , kaleidoscope , phases of moon , moving globe were shown.
All the students enjoyed throughout and found it very interesting.