Gr 8 Field Trip to Tambekar Wada

Gr 8 went to to Tambekar Wada. Tambekar Wada is located at Raopura Area, Vadodara (Baroda). It is a three-storeyed building which is a typical Maratha Mansion, which was once the residence of Bhau Tambekar. Inside of Wada, there are some of the most beautiful but decaying 19th Century murals. There are Vaishnavite Paintings of Raas Leela, Daan Leela and other Puranic Theams and British-Maratha Fight Paintings painted in Mewar, Deccani and Company Paintings style. After Tambekar wada, we continued our trip to Maraja Fatehsinh Museum. Maharaja Fatehsinh Museum is housed within the Maharaja’s palace (the Lakshmi Villas Palace). The museum contains works of art collected by Maharaja Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III during his numerous trips out of India. The major works of art in this museum are the paintings by European and Indian artists including a collection of the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. There is a collection of sculptures in marble and bronze by Augusto Felici and F. N. Bose. The museum has an Oriental Gallery which houses Japanese and Chinese sculptures.

Children were awestruck and mesmerized by the various art work done by renowened artists.They got a chance to see beautiful paintings in reality. Sandeep sir explained about different art styles and the impact of Greco-Roman style and European realism on Indian arts.Children got to know about the Indian mythology and legends depicted in various paintings.