Gr 8-9 Field Trip to Chansad

As part of International Yoga Day celebration, 46 students of grade 8 and 9 were taken for a field trip to the village Chansad on 20th June, 2018. After reaching there at around 10:45, Grades 8 and 9 students were mixed and divided into different groups and went through different routes in the village. They were given a task to visit at least 3 households and talk to them in general about Yoga and fitness. Their conversation was based on a pre-set questionnaire which included various points pertaining to yoga, its awareness as well as to know the secret behind the fitness of villagers.

Based on their conversation, to their shock, the students discovered that though many people there did not know much about Yoga and nobody as such did ‘yog’ or any other exercise but still they were quite fit and healthy. They concluded that the secret behind this was their daily active lifestyle as well as the simple yet nutritious food they ate which was sans junk food. Also the fact that the villagers started their day pretty early around 5 am and drank a lot of warm /hot water.

Children also got to know that the best stress buster for these villagers was to either sit around the village ‘chabutara’ or take a walk in their field.

It was a rare opportunity for the students to interact so closely with the villagers and the experience was well cherished by all. The students were more than eager the next day to share their experiences with the other children which was visible from the fact that each of the 46 students that went to Chansad had something or the other to share.

The trip was quite motivational for the students as they got a reality check that with limited resources and facilities, there exits a community that lives a life which is much more healthy, happy and contented.