Gr 7 Field Trip to Architecture Department (M.S.U.)

The students of grade 7 visited the neighbouring village of Chapad on 13th of April, 2018 to connect with the ecosystem and establish a process of change.

The primary aim of the visit to the village was to make them realise:

  • The surrounding they are into- Urban Rural difference
  • How the primary settlement of the village feels and experiential quality of it.
  • Compare their urban and village neighbourhood and analyse the change in the context they are roaming around

    This activity was based on three common aspects:

  • Learning about the environment
  • Learning through the environment
  • Learning for the environment

    The main focus of Environmental Education is to expose students to the actual world they live in. They have to be acquainted with the environment related issues and problems. They must also be able to look at the environmental problems and concerns, analyse, evaluate, draw inferences and equip themselves to resolve them.

    The main idea behind this was to learn and to apply the knowledge gained about Ecology in everyday life from a very small age itself. Hence the causes, consequences and solutions to modern ecological challenges are easy to grasp and modify by the younger generations.

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