Ganesh Utsav 2017

Ganesha Idol making 2017-18

Ganesh Idol Making: August 2017

In keeping with green school practices, Kabirites at IIS have gone the eco-friendly way celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Since 2014, the school has invited the mystical, fun-loving, adorable Ganpatti Bappa into their school, for a 5 day festive time with aarti, bhog, prasad rituals every day, twice a day.

Starting a month prior to the festival date, IIS Kabirites make their own Ganesh idol with clay in the school premises, during the school hours, with guidance from the art team. Their devotion and love pours through their fingers as they shape, decorate and in a mystical sense – bring him to life! His lordship in then dressed and decorated with finery for the occasion. The idol is kept ready and veiled till the sthapna day, followed by a ceremonial visarjan in the school itself on the 5th day.

Ganesh Sthapna: 25-08-17

The eco-friendly hand crafted clay idol of Ganeshji made by the Kabirites is brought to the decorated Lounge ceremonial location on the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi. This procession from the art room (where his lordship was created) to the lounge is carried out with chants of Ganpatti Bappa moriya and the rhythmic beats of the duff/dholak played by the students and teachers. The sthapna is attended by teachers, students and parents. The first day’s pooja includes the ritual of the installation ceremony with two married couples from among the Kabirite Partners in Education (one parent couple & one teacher couple).

Ganesh Visarjan: 29-08-17

After 5 full days of celebration, Ganeshji is presented with bhog,the ceremonial lavish feast, which is made in the school kitchen. Thereafter the students and teachers, take his lordship for his final journey for immersion. The immersion too is carried out amidst a lot of celebration – with laezeem dances, singing and chanting, duff and dholak rhythms! The immersion, signalling the final adieu to Lord Ganesh, is carried out in the school by placing Ganeshji in a large tub of water. This immersed idol will be left for a week to ten days to dissolve completely in the water, Thereafter the water will be poured over every tree and green belt in the school – symbolising the journey of everything on this earth…From dust were we made…and dust we shall be.