Swapan Mukherjee

Dear Parents and Students,

The school diary is part and parcel of the school bag as it forms an essential link between the class teacher and the parents. This ‘ALMANAC’ contains information for both parents and students.

The diary must be brought to the school every day. Parents must make it a practice to check the diary every evening. Parents may use this as a means of communicating with the teacher. Comments in the diary must adhere strictly to the students work, conduct or leave only.

Students are expected to make a note of all home assignments in the diary. Parents must ensure that home tasks are completed by the students themselves, unaided by parents or tutors. Guidance by parents or tutors is most welcome but it should be in the form of encouraging curiosity or clearing doubts. If a student is unable to do the task set by the teacher a note should be sent to the teacher using the prescribed pages of the diary.

No critical comments regarding the home or school may be entered in the diary. Such comments must be made privately to the Principal personally or in a separate letter vide email.

School rules not only instill discipline but also protect the child from unnecessary harm. Parents must ensure that school rules are strictly enforced.

Welcome to the new academic session!

With best wishes,


Swapan Mukherjee
The Principal