Children’s Day 2017

Our St. Kabir Indian International School Teachers organized a special assembly on 14th November to celebrate Children’s’ Day. All the students of grades 1 to 8 had assembled in the ground. There was an air of anticipation. Our teachers ensured that it had all kinds of entertainment possible. Every teacher brought their expertise and talent in the show. With emotional poems, soulful singing performances, humorous skits and an energy-packed dance number the show was like a hit Bollywood movie! And all this was put together in less than a week.

Ishita Ma’am had given a very important message for students about “FEAR”. They should not have any kind of fear in them rather feel free to share whatever is there in their young minds without any fear. Our Principal Sir spoke “Children are the future of tomorrow” and sang a beautiful song “Bache Mann Ke Sache”.

The students were overwhelmed with the entire effort. They cheered their teachers on as they saw them on stage, they laughed boisterously at their jokes, they sang along during the songs and they applauded the dance performances.