NCSC 2018(National Level Selection)

December 03, 2018
Teacher friendly Duster becomes a Blockbuster Duster It’s a matter of pride that our project Teacher friendly Duster has been selected to represent the state on the National level for NCSC -2018( full form). A two day State level research based science project Exhibition was organized by GUJCOST on 2nd and 3rd December in Ahmedabad. …
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CBSE Skating Tournament

October 27, 2018
Our School participated in CBSE skating tournament for boys and girls in quade skating race in u-10 and u-8 age group. We won the following positions in the tournament: Vanya Korde– 3rd position in 1000 meter quade skating race u-8 Kush Kapadiya– 3rd position in 1000 meter quade skating race u-10

NCSC 2018 (District Level)

October 12, 2018
National Children’s Science Congress 2018 was organized on October 12,2018 at Community Science Centre. Students of grades 7, 8 and 9 participated in the same. The team from IIS had four group and each group had two members. Each group presented their research based project by using four charts. Each group had one group leader …
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Reliance Athletics Competition 2018

October 07, 2018
The Reliance Athletics Competition 2018 for the Boys & Girls of Class VII&VIII and IX&X category was held on 07/10/2018 & 09/10/2018 at the Manjalpur Sports Complex. This was a selection round for the State level. 1. Ananyaaben Verma Class 8th secured 2nd Position 100m running. 2. Saloni Gupta Class 7th secured 7th position 400m …
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Cygnus Pinnacle 2018

October 06, 2018
Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize. It also offers a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas …
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CBSE West Zone Cluster XII & XIII Athletics Tournament 2018

October 01, 2018
The CBSE West Zone Cluster XII & XIII Athletics Tournament 2018 for the Boys & Girls of Under-14-17 category was held on 29/09/2018 & 01/10/2018 at the Manjalpur Sports Complex. This was a selection round for the National level. (4×100 Relay Under-14 Girls 4th position). Ananyaaben Verma Class 8th qualified for CBSE National Athletics Meet …
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Khel Mahakumbh 2018

September 27, 2018
“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” -Morihei Ueshiba The months of Training, Hard Work and Dedication finally pays off!!!!!! KHEL MAHAKUMBH RESULTS S.No. Name Age/Category Events Standard Results Selected 1. Rohan Mansingani Under-11 50 M Running 5A 1st Position District Level 2. Rohan Mansingani …
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Socleen Competition @ Baroda high School

August 25, 2018
A wise man once said, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” It’s the stories that give wings to our imagination and take us to places beyond the boundaries of our physical world and into the land of fairies, dragons and wishing trees. It is in our …
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Nalanda Expression 2018

August 25, 2018
Our young Kabirites of Grade 1C (Viha Mehta) and Grade 2A (Krina Patel) participated in Nalanda Expressions on 25th August’ 2018. The Objective of the competition was to encourage students for their oratory skills. They were given the topics like Save Earth, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Save Water, Plant a tree, plant a life …
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Poster Making Competition (Gr 4)

August 18, 2018
Poster making is a great activity to give them an experience of team work and understanding among peers. It stimulates their creativity, teaches them to research and merge different ideas to show them as one concept. Grade 4 students were divided into groups housewise and were given the theme ‘My Country, My Pride’ for the …
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