Sports and games are conducted throughout the year, with some final competitions happening during the course of the year. However, the culmination happens at the Annual Sports Event, which is held over a few days and includes student events as well as parents events. Apart from the regular athletics events, the competitions are also culminated for group games, and indoor games like TT, chess, carrom.

The final day of the Sports event is a formal ceremony with a special guest, and includes brilliantly synchronized drill displays, yoga and gymnastics display, finals of some tract events, tug of war and the much awaited award ceremony. The points for each win are continuously added and the house with the maximum score is awarded the Best House in Sports Trophy - carried high and proudly for the victory run!

8th Annual Sports Day (Gr 5-9)

January 19, 2019
19-01-19 The Sports Day ‘SPORTS DO NOT BUILD CHARACTER. THEY REVEAL IT.’ The maxim stood validated in the light of 8th Sports meet 2019, organised by the school ST Kabir IIS for std 5-9 students on the theme MERI KAUM, MERRY KOM. The well dressed ground, punctuated with colourful satin flags and the smartly turned …
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8th Annual Sports Day (Gr 1-4)

December 28, 2018
The eighth Annual sports day was a fantastic event at St Kabir (IIS). The sports day was organized this year at Chapad with a fantastic parent turnout. Sports and games are held throughout the year across all the grades and are culminated with the final events on the Annual Sports Day, including events not only …
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7th Annual Sports Day

December 23, 2017
7th Annual Sports Day was graced by Mr. JP Singh and Mr. Ketul Mehariya. Event had a mix of drill display, track events & prize distribution covering all the sports activities throughout the year.