The Annual Picnic (for Grades 1 & 2) is an exciting trip that allows students to go on a day long fun-with-learning excursion with their grade-level teachers. The location is usually within an hour / hour and a half from the school. Apart from the beautifully selected locale, the students eat fun foods and engage in a host of leisure games & activities.

The higher grades have appropriately planned Annual Outbound Trips with accompanying school teachers and reputed trip organizers. These allow students to relate their learning to the world outside, in aspects of geography, society, local culture, bio-diversity, history, science and technology. Apart from the academic aspects, the trips help students in developing other life skills – independence in managing themselves and their personal belongings, working in teams, sharing and caring, leadership skills, inter alia.

School trips are highly recommended since they extend the learning beyond the classroom to real life (with an element of adventure and fun), but remains optional against fees charged by the organisors.

  • Grade 3 is offered to go for 1 N 2D trip within Gujarat
  • Grade 4 is offered to go for 2 N 3 D trip within Gujarat
  • Grade 5-6 is offered to go for 3 N 4 D trip within Gujarat/Rajasthan/MP/Maharashtra
  • Grade 7 up is offered to go for 4-5 N 6-7 D trip anywhere suitable in the country.