The Annual Programme is the culmination of the students’ year-long learning in the areas of cultural and co-curricular activities, such as drama, vocal music, instrumental music and dance. Typically the programme may include a concert woven around a well-scripted story featuring the ongoing theme for the year OR it could be a separate script that is modified to suit the age group. Students learn about theatre and music productions by doing and learning, right from the script stage to auditions for roles, to recording at the studio, to drama practice, costumes, lights and cues. The ones gifted in music, singing and dance add special effects and items to the final programme.

On an experimental note in 2016-17, the students of Grade 5 to 7 acquired the experience of movie-making as part of the annual cultural programme. This resulted in the production of two short documentary films in which students, teachers and parents acted. The two films – CHASKA and ZINDAGI EK PAHELI are available on YouTube.

Annual Concert 2018 (Gr 1-4)

March 01, 2019
“I feel like we grow and develop through the telling of stories and for me that’s what theater is and that’s why it matters.” Kate Whoriskey. Our this year’s Annual Concert revolved around the fairytale, Mr. Fuddle’s Muddle which was a production performed on the 1st of March, 2019 at the Sayaji Rao Auditorium. The …
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Annual Concert 2018-19 (Gr 5-9)

October 27, 2018
This year the theme of our 8th Annual Concert was SILENCE SPEAKS. It was organized on 27th October, 2018. We all know that blooming flowers, twinkling stars and the rising sun indicate beauty, but have you noticed that this beauty also has a hidden trait? It’s the beauty of silence. Silence is eternal, peaceful and …
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Annual Concert 2017-18

February 27, 2018
This year the theme of our 7th Annual Concert sensitised students towards animals and nature and encouraged them to show compassion and tolerance for every living creature on the Earth. Mrs Sharmishtha Chawda was the chief guest for the Annual Concert. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Through our concert ‘The Enchanted Forest’ …
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