Annual Concert 2017-18

This year the theme of our 7th Annual Concert sensitised students towards animals and nature and encouraged them to show compassion and tolerance for every living creature on the Earth. Mrs Sharmishtha Chawda was the chief guest for the Annual Concert. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Through our concert ‘The Enchanted Forest’ the students were able to understand characters, roles and the sub-text of plays and musicals that allowed them to relate better to different situations, backgrounds and cultures. It also helped in improving their verbal and non-verbal communication vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech and expression. The concert began with a soulful prayer song followed by an energising school orchestra. The euphonious musical band enthralled the audience with their impeccable musical co-ordination skills. Thereafter, Annual Report was read by two senior students. The introduction to the program was done in a rather unusual way; our tiny tots gave away the introduction through a humorous conversation and a foot tapping rap song. The young artists of the play were successful to steal everyone’s heart with their melodramatic performances and breath-taking dances. The auditorium burst with loud claps, cheers and ‘once more’ requests again and again. The students who compered left no stone unturned to exhibit flawless oratory skills. The stagecraft of the production ‘The Enchanted Forest’ gave the audience a vivid description and a realist feel of the nature.