Annual Concert 2018 (Gr 1-4)

“I feel like we grow and develop through the telling of stories and for me that’s what theater is and that’s why it matters.” Kate Whoriskey.

Our this year’s Annual Concert revolved around the fairytale, Mr. Fuddle’s Muddle which was a production performed on the 1st of March, 2019 at the Sayaji Rao Auditorium.

The magical and mesmerizing world of fairy tales took the audience on a spectacular and inspiring journey through Mr. Fuddle’s Muddle.

The production gave us a plethora of messages to reflect upon. The amazing part of the show was how different stories were blended together to redefine the language of love.

All of us have a Muddle of dreams, emotions and expectations in our minds. We all imagine of a fairy tale life with happy endings in our virtual world.

The entire team of St. Kabir IIS successfully kept the audience in awe as the play unravelled itself.