Annual Concert 2018-19 (Gr 5-9)

This year the theme of our 8th Annual Concert was SILENCE SPEAKS. It was organized on 27th October, 2018. We all know that blooming flowers, twinkling stars and the rising sun indicate beauty, but have you noticed that this beauty also has a hidden trait? It’s the beauty of silence.

Silence is eternal, peaceful and makes our life—as well as the lives of others—beautiful. If used intelligently, it is a beautiful way to express emotions.

Ways that silence can convey meaning

A tight hug conveys love;

a soft smile reflects happiness;

a board outside a meeting room indicates no disturbance;

A movie hero staring down a villain indicates anger and power;.

Every day we exhibit a plethora of emotions without uttering a single word – and the beauty of such gestures, emotions et all lies in THE BEAUTY OF SILENCE. Silence speaks like none else in A holistic and composite manner. Yes, one need to be sensitive and receptive to the vibes that SILENCE sends loud and clear. depict a mountain of feelings without uttering a single word. That’s the beauty of silence.