Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. A school affiliated to the CBSE would have a curriculum that is in accordance with the guidance and provisions of the CBSE. The syllabus content and textbooks would also be as per the NCERT recommendations, with add-ons for the international flavour. The teachers would also be sent for training organised by the CBSE body at regular intervals. Students will also have opportunities to interact with students of other CBSE schools for competitions, cultural programmes, quality workshops, projects, etc.

St. Kabir Indian International School has reached a milestone 8th year of operations and is now affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation Code – 430365). With year 2018-19, the school has commenced with the Grade 9 program. The school implements CBSE based English Medium curriculum with an international outlook, ensuring that students leaving its portals can take entry into any school / college anywhere in India or overseas.

In May 2019, the school will be applying for CBSE Higher Secondary affiliation (i.e. up to Grade 12) and looks forward to this status of full school affiliation by 2020.

The school proposes to be a full-fledged 4 section/grade school, from Grades 1- 12 , with

  • Additional selected elective options in Grade 9-10
  • 3 streams at the higher secondary levels, for Science, Arts and Commerce (selected subjects)

(The above will be as per CBSE recommendations, and details will be declared when the school opens admissions for the higher grades).