Gr 4 Field Trip to Laundry

Field trips are a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections. The trips give students the opportunity to observe a particular environment that enables first-hand experience of what they are learning. In addition, students achieve a higher level of critical thinking when they evaluate their own learning compared with what they get exposed to, and they are able to modify their knowledge based on their personal experiences. Field trips also offer students and teachers the opportunity to interact outside of the classroom, thus enhancing their bonding with each other and improving their social and life skills. With this objectives, Gr 4 A, B, C students were taken to The Laundry House at Akota, Vadodara as a part of extended learning of the Science chapter ‘Clothes we wear’. Students learnt specific tagging of clothes while taking orders and observed different sizes of washing machines as well as Dry-cleaning machines. Finally, students were thrilled to see the method of sorting, ironing and machine packaging of clothes.